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A book on how to make a boxwood smoother. A CD On how to  make a metal mitre plane.

We have put together a small run of books showing how Bill made a tiny boxwood plane, it shows the techniques used in the process so you can make one also.


Due to the rise in printing costs I have had to up the price of our book by a small amount.


Price  £21, $30, €27, this includes postage.  Order through pay pal using our email address.



We have put toghther a CD showing Bill making metal mitre planes by hand at the bottom of the garden in his shed which he built in 1962.


£13, $26, €18, this included post. You can use pay pal using our email address.


The CD only works on a computer.



Bill's shed and tools.


Making a small mitre plane.


Template to show how to make Double Dovetails.


Draw filing and lapping the bottom of a plane.


Making a rosewood wedge.


Making a rosewood infill.


Showing how to make and ues aground off chisel.


Making a pair of skew mouthed mitre planes.



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