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Bill & Sarah would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and all their kind words praising Bill's planes and the work that he does.


An Interview With Bill Carter With Handplane Central Year 1999



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An interview with Linda Rosengarten from HOCK TOOLS about Cupids Bow.





I just wanted to show how boxwood coloures over the years, left to right. 2 weeks, 20 years and 30+ years.

David Stanley Tool Sales

A Must For Tool Collectors.
Next Auction Friday 13th Setpember 2019.


We went to a David Stanley sale and Tim Smith gave Sarah & myself this absolutely beautiful boxwood plaque advertising my plane making, as most of you will know the center picture is copied from the inlaid tool chest lid in a Bristol Museum with subtle changes, the original has a tankard of beer in his hand, Tim has put a mitre plane instead which signifies what I make.
Tim has made the machine that did this work, he tells me it only works on a horizontal surface, both Sarah and I absolutely adore this plaque, we can not thank Tim enough.

This is the original lid lent to the Museum by Jane Rees, the picture doesn't do it justice.

David Barron

Watch cabinet maker and plane maker David Barron on you tube showing how his collection of Carter planes work.



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