Bill Carter Handmade Planemaker.

Since 1987,  made my first  planes in the 70s.

Bill & Sarah would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and all their kind words praising Bill's planes and the work that he does.


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11) Cutting away the back of a mitre plane. 10) Using ground off chisels. 9) Bending the body of a mitre plane. 8) Forming the cupid bow dovetails. 7) Adjusting a Carter plane using a hide mallet. 6) Marking and cutting the dovetails on brass. 5) Sharpening an iron. 4) Cutting the bevel at the bottom of the bed. 3) Forming the double dovetail. 2) Making the tongue and groove joint. 1) Colouring the metal.


David Stanley Tool Sales

A Must For Tool Collectors.

Next Auction Saturday 28th March 2015.

Chris, Heather and Dave from Help for Heroes.


 We went to a David Stanley sale and Tim Smith gave Sarah & myself this absolutely beautiful boxwood plaque advertising my plane making, as most of you will know the center picture is copied from the inlaid tool chest lid in the Bristol Museum with subtle changes, the original has a tankard of beer in his hand, Tim has put a mitre plane instead which signifies what I make.
Tim has made the machine that did this work, he tells me it only works on a horizontal surface,  both Sarah and I absolutely adore this plaque, we can not thank Tim enough.

David Barron

Watch cabinet maker and plane maker David Barron on you tube showing how his collection of Carter planes work.



Tel 0116-2762513


Bill & Sarah have put together A CD showing Bill making planes, by hand, at the bottom of the garden in his shed which he built in 1962.


Bill's Shed & Tool's.

Making a Small Mitre Plane.

Template's to show how to make a Double Dovetail's.

Draw Filing & Lapping the Bottom of a Plane.

Making a Rosewood Wedge.

Making a rear Rosewood infill.

Showing how to Make & Use a Ground Off Chisel.

Making a Pair of Skew Mouthed Mitre Planes.

The CD's

UK £13. US $26. €18. this includes postage.


Address 98 Havencrest Drive, Leicester. LE5 2AH UK


Tel 01162762513

Ian Houghton Chalco Stamp and Die

now have a Web Site.

I would like too recommend Chalco Stamp & Die, they are specialist producers of engraving, dies and stamps in Brass, Steel and Copper for a vast array of applications and end users, including footwear, pottery and stationery manufacturers, together with totally bespoke solutions for the artisan.  Contact them for individual advice. They also make marks. (name stamps)

The other morning with my first cup of tea in bed, Sarah always gets up first.  I was presented with a beautiful boxwood carvers mallet.  It was a surprise, sent through the post from a customer of mine, Daniel.  I have now put my marks on the end, which I will show when attending events.  It is a very nice piece of boxwood.

I have cut a slither of boxwood and stamped it with all my marks.

My First Engraved Plane by Ian Houghton 

 Ian has always wanted to engrave one of my planes and like wise, I have always wanted him to engrave one for me.  At last we got together,  Ian had a free hand with the designs and I am delighted with the result.

 At a later date I would love him to engrave 1 or 2 of my metal planes.