Making a tiny scroll fronted smoother.

I am making a small scroll fronted smoother 1/2" longer and 1/4" wider than the one below.


I had a request to make a small scroll fronted plane, the likes of which I haven't made for at least 30 years. However I did have a slither of wood that I had reduced the width of a previous plane with the profile. I found a piece of boxwood hanging around perfectly quarter sawn so I drew round the pattern and made a start.

2 lines for the width of the mouth, 2 lines for the length of the plane squared across the sole. I always start on the mouth first.

This shows me working down to the mouth.

Shaping the scroll with a blunt chisel after I have used a coping saw to form the shape.

The piece of boxwood I started with, after I had reduced the plane to it's width the offcut was big enough for the wedge. To get the grain running right for the wedge, I wanted it quarter sawn, my first cut was roughly at 45 degrees.

At this stage I must make a comment about my Skelton saw. It is an absolute pleasure to use, it appears to cut faster then other saw I have ever owned and the cut is always straight, it is a master piece and I advise anyone who wants the best to buy one.

This plane is a learning curve for me as I can't fully remember how I made the others years ago, I know I made a handful or more.

Just look at these annual rings. Boxwood is magic.

This is as far as I go today.

Ready for smoothing.

This 4" smoother and small scroll fronted smoother are off to Norfolk.


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