Large cupid bow fronted mitre plane

This is the mitre plane I bought off ebay just as it was when I got it.

This picture shows all the components as found and the sole on the next picture.

Before I did anything to the plane I took it to David Stanley's sale so every body could see it on my table. In the short time I have owned it, through looking at old David Stanley catalogues I have found other identical planes and they were supplied with a rosewood front infill and a mahogany wedge just as this one was found.


A dear friend of mine is supplying me with a piece of rosewood big enough for a new wedge to match the front infill and at a later date compare the wedges when finished. I have now cleaned the plane up, taking out most of the dings on the front cupid bow body, I have also got rid of most of the rust to my liking and last Saturday I made a new magogany wedge. The mahogany I used I didn't like, so the following day I made another new wedge using old Cuban mahogany, the second wedge is far superior. I have started to age the wedge colour wise, which I will continue at a later date. The 3 pictures below are as it is today.

I have coloured the wedge, made it darker, not got the rosewood yet.

The next pictures explains how the old plane above was made. Years ago I made these patterns, copying an old plane, notice the cupid bow fronts are different to the above and much more metal round the heel. I made some of these with wedges and some had lever caps and screws. The pink pattern was the first one I made, I then altered it and made the green pattern with thinner walls. They were cast in bronze and then dovetailed to the soles, sometimes steel, sometimes bronze.


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