making a large boxwood mitre plane

I have started to make a 12" boxwood mitre plane, the pictures below show the large block of boxwood planed and. This large piece of wood has been drying for a number of years.

The boxwood is perfectly quarter sawn.


As you know I love cupid bow detail and for the first time I have incorporated one at the front of the mouth closer.

The plane is finished as far as I can go, I am still undecided how to finish the ends of the chamfers toe and heel, on Saturday at Richard Arnolds open day I shall be looking at his wonderful collection of early 18c planes, especially the chamfers.


I haven't as yet got a nibbed iron for this plane so I made a boxwood one to enable me to fit the wedge. I can truly say at the moment the whole plane is boxwood.

The top picture shows the beautiful ripple which only appeared when I added the linseed, a wonderful surprise.


The metal mitre plane in the background is truly massive so you can see how big my boxwood one is. When I eventually get a nibbed iron I will fit the wedge so as it is lower in the plane than this picture shows.


I was given this large mitre plane iron by my friend Richard Arnold at his open day, it was 3 1/4" wide and I have to reduce it to 2 1/4" wide.

I am sawing 1/2" off both sides of the iron.

At this stage I put the iron into the vice just below the saw cut and hit it with a hammer, it goes off like a gun shot.

I have nibbed the iron.

The first shavings without any tinkering, I am very pleased.

I have cleaned out accurately where the mouth closer and wedge fits as I wasn't happy with how accurate I had got them. I have made a new mouth closer and wedge and they are a perfect fit.

The plane is now complete and has been soaking in raw linseed oil. I have called it DADDY because of it's large size.


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