A Set Of 12 Hollows and    Rounds

Out of all this timber I only managed to get 6 3" pieces roughly 2" x 1 1/8" and on the 6th picture 2 of the 6 pieces had still got a bit of rotin them which would cut out in a rebate.

I have now rebated all the pieces with a tenon saw as I haven't got a rebate plane, this is difficult work and not to be recommended. I will make the irons out of Stanley plane irons at a later date, at the moment I haven't got any, a trip to Brian I think.


The 2 planes on the left apart from the irons are finished. These planes, when finished are copies of the rarest Norris planes I know.

These pictures show drill holes for the escapement.

Apart from the irons these 6 are finished.

I have now completed 10 planes without irons. I am hoping to make 2 even narrower planes out of the original piece og boxwood.

Here is the finished set of 12 planes complete with irons. In the end I bought 6 new Stanley irons, out of which I cut and shaped them to fit the planes.

Here are some of the off cuts, as you can imagin a lot of hard work, but I think it payed off using new irons.


These proved to be the most difficult planes I have ever made, I worked on them for at least 3 weeks, maybe longer


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