Ian Houghton Mark Maker Chalco stamp and die

Ian Houghton has beautifully hand engraved two sides of one of my mitre planes.

Ian Houghton has sent me some pictures of his lovely work.

Below is an embossing plate he made.

A page of some of Ian's marks.

This mark is for branding.

Ian Houghton's apprentice/partner Ian with stamps for marking telegraph poles.

Some hand engraving.


Ian Houghton has just made me these 2 beautiful mark, the tiny one measures 9/16" x  3/16" and the big one is 1 5/8" x 3/4".


I would like too recommend Chelco Stamp & Die, they are specialist producers of engraving, dies and stamps in Brass, Steel and Copper for a vast array of applications and end users, including footware, pottery and stationery manufacturers, together with totally bestoke solutions for the artisan. Contact them for individual advice. They also make marks. (name stamps)

I have put all my marks on the end of this boxwood carvers mallet which was sent to me through the post.  It is a really nice piece of boxwood.

My First Engraved Plane By Ian Houghton.

Ian has always wanted to engrave one of my planes and like wise, I have always wanted him to engrave one for me. At last we got together, Ian had a free hand with the design and I am delighted with the result.


At a later date I would love him to engrave 1 or 2 of my metal planes.


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