Rare Planes and tools

Just notice the contrasting shaped and colours. Apart from the top one I would say all these planes are unique.
I bought this plane from David Stanley's sale, I have brought it back to life and it works like a Rolls Royce.

A very rare beech mitre plane, definitely 1800c with a very early feature which is a beech mouth closer instead of boxwood. The name J. MACRORY in a zig zag border, unrecorded planemaker, see below. The plane measures 14" long x 3 1/4" wide with a 2 1/4" iron, the sole of the plane appears to be unused, I have now put an uncut iron in it, the original iron was missing. This plane is in superb condition. I only know of a couple more with beech mouth closers.
An intriguing bronze and iron 1800c mitre plane, rosewood infill, James Cam iron, brazed body to sole, D/T at the front, dated 1752, wonderful condition. Sold
This beautiful boxwood plane came from the Russell collection. It has 7 scrolls each side, there is even one at the bottom of the wedge. It measures approx. 5 1/2" long x 1 7/8" wide. Sold.
When I got it, the bottom of the wedge was hitting the mouth escapement, preventing it gripping the iron, the iron kept falling out with the wedge in. To over come this, I made a loose fitting shim of copper, turned over at the top with a little cupid bow which seems to has over come the problem. On the front is stamped A.Jones with a zig zag border. I think whoever made this plane was a pure genius, how he held the plane ridged whilst cutting the scrolls must have been a problem and the shape of the mouth escapement is truly magnificent.
On the last picture below this plane, you will see the mark STEEL, I have been comparing this mark with other Norris and Mathieson planes, these 2 makers are the only ones that I know who stamped STEEL on the front. The Mathieson mark has proved to be nothing like the Norris, the letters actually slope to the right, ie.L is not a right angle, where as the Norris marks are smaller and upright and there are no serifs. I now have definite proof the mark on my plane is exactly the same as on some Norris's, it measures 3/8" wide and the letters are 3/32" high, again exactly like other Norris's. Sold.
John Haydon 1715-1768
Although the name of John Haydon appears in the book, there is no mark for this maker. The plane looks 19c but is in fact 18c. I have never seen anything quite like it, instead of the wedge going through the centre of the plane it fits either side of the body like a cloaths line peg. It is a skew mouthed rebate plane, 2" wide with a steel sole and a very fine mouth. As you can see from the picture the shape of the escapement is something quite special. The overall patina and condition of the plane is wonderful. I tried using the plane without sharpening and it worked exceptionally well and it produces a curly spill like shaving, two planes in one. Sold.
The bottom of the wedge goes to a point, can you believe it , it is undamaged, a miracle, considering it's age.
The iron goes in from the bottom.
The wedge slides in easily from the top.
A Carter copy of a Mathieson thumb plane, there are only about 3 known examples, all steel, D/T, bronze lever cap and screw. Ebony infill, snecked Sheffield iron, 4 3/4" long x 1 3/8" wide, very fine mouth. Sold
A Carter Mathieson style thumb plane, steel, rosewood infill, 5" longx 1 7/8" wide. The hardest of rosewoods, the finest of mouths. Sold
A Carter Mathieson type thumb plane, bronze and steel, cupid bow D/T, boxwood infill. 5" long x 1 7/8" wide, very fine mouth. Sold

A beautiful Carter pair of skew mouthed boxwood infill mitre planes.

Varvill Mitre Plane.

A gum metal & steel D/T mitre plane by Varvill & Son, stamped on the front infill c.1800. His second son was born in 1805. Rosewood infill, beautiful cupid bow bridge, original iron marked S.Varvill, in very good condition. Sold
Large Beech Plane 26" x 5" x 4".

This plane measures 26" long. In a Mathieson catalogue, the same plane, but smaller, 18" long, when new, cost more than a improved pattern skew mouth dovetailed mitre plane with rosewood infill. It is hard to see but there is a steel side facing the camera and a steel sole, combined there are 49 screws fastening these plates to the body. In the Mathieson catalogue the plane is described as a mitre or shuteing plane. Sold
About 25 years ago, at a David Stanly sale being held at the Bardon Hall Hotel, where a lot of trading took place in the car park. I was approached by a well known Bristol dealer, he said "Hello Bill, you like small mitre planes, I have brought something for you". He shot off to his car and came back with this enormous plane, with a big grin on his face. I had never seen anything like it and I did buy it. It used to stand on my gas fire for many years. Then one day I sold it to David Stanley, who in turn sold it to a Scottish collector. I saw it in David Stanley's September sale 2010 and I bought it back. It now resides on the window sill at the top of the stairs, back home at last. I still haven't seen another one like it. It is stamped R. Clarke, Exeter on the front he was a dealer. I believe this plane is by Mathieson.

Hatherersich Mitre Plane.

A 13" beech mitre plane, boxwood mouth piece and a beautiful W. Staley iron.


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