boxwood and bog oak                             

I was given this wonderful boxwood log at David Stanley's recent sale by a friend.

I have sawn it to size to dry out a bit more, probably another mitre plane. The first cut was done by hand with my Skelton rip saw. The next 3 cuts by my band saw, 2 of the cuts were 6" deep the maximum my Inca will cut, those 2 cuts were very slow stalling my Inca.

Close up of the annual rings.

I was also given these 2 lovely pieces of bog oak, I will cut the bog oak roughly to shape eliminating the rotten edges.

Making sure the bog oak is flat using steel winding strips.

The blocks all cut ready for making into tiny smoothers.

I have been commissioned by the man who gave me the bog oak to make 2 tiny smoothers, one for himself and one for the supplier of the wood. Bog oak is not really sutible for tiny plane making.

Cutting down an old Sheffield iron to make the blade for the smoothers.

The plane is now finished.

Look at the delicate points on the wedge.

I have now finished 5 tiny bog oak smoothers.

Bog oak cut and planed ready for more.


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