Exposed Cupid bow D/T'S in wooden joints

Something different that has never been done before with woodworking joints.

My latest innovation is to inhance woodworking joints with exposed cupid bows or similar, purely for decoration.

I have now come up with the idea of using cupid bow or similar decoration in woodworking joints taken from my use of this decoration I incorperate in my metal plane making. I realise, if you want to enhance what ever you are making in wood you can add one or more cupid bows to this effect.

I firmely believe none of this has ever been used before and I hope you like the ides as much as I do.


I asked my friend Tim Smith cabinet maker, to make me a box using the exposed cupid bow dovetails in the joints to hold one of my bronze planes, which also has exposed cupid bow joints. The finished box was brought to me at David Stanley's sale and what a superb job he has made of it. It is made out of brown oak, finished with Alfie Shine. These exposed cupid bows can be applied to just about any type of woodworking joint, it works best of all on the end grain of any joint, for example, where a leg of a chair passes through the seat, as on a Windsor chair, by adding an exposed  cupid bow to either the top of the leg or the mortice. Wherever two pieces of wood come together on a joint, provided there is end grain, you can add an exposed cupid bow.


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