Lignum infilled plane

I have decided to infill a plane with the wood from a lignum rolling rule.

I was amazed how light the shavings were.

Preparing the front infill.

Cutting the back of the body away to lower bed angle.

The wood for the wedge in front of the plane.

I decided to add a tiny cupid bow at the back.

I wasn't happy with the hight of the wedge so have made a new one.


Making a 5 1/2" brass mitre plane from a Groves back saw made for Musgrave. Satinwood infill and a lever cap made for me by Ollie Sparks.

The steel sole cut ready for the forming of the mouth.

The lever cap from Ollie Sparks.

The plane works really well up and down the grain.

I have decided I don't like the shape of the front infill so have replaced it with a front infill made from spelted burr boxwood.


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