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This is probably the last plane I shall make this year as the weather is getting colder.

It is made from a brass back tenon saw with steel sole and bronze bridge. the infill is made from a lignum vitae rolling rule.  4" long x 7/8" wide.


I have started to make a mitre plane using the blank side of the Hill Late Howel brass back, I have put some anchor marks to decorate the body. The infill will be laburnum.

This picture is to show the tight dovetails on the inside of the body, no gaps.

A really tight mouth.

The infill will be laburnum, this picture shows the wood before planing.

The laburnum after planing.

I have completed the infill and decided to raise the back infill and the front.

When I came to rivet the body I had run out of rivets, I decided to use the handle part of rusty old needle files.

I have infilled the plane with beautiful laburnum.

I have raised the back and front infill.


I made a mitre plane many years ago out of a Towell brass back tenon saw, I bought saw to make another one, I like the deep Towell mark.

Most of the pieces except the bridge have been made.

This brass is so thick.

I have finish the body and the sole is ready for fitting.

I am pointing to the last dovetail that needs peening to show how much metal you need to form a dovetail.

I have put the plane together ready for the boxwood infill.

I have found a discaded piece of boxwood to use for the infill.

The infill and the wedge made, it is very pale boxwood. Just the iron to make.

I have finished the plane and applyed 4 coats of Peacock oil to the wood.


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