Adjusting a carter plane using hide mallets

I only use hide mallets when knocking the wedge in and out of my planes. These come in all sizes, I use the 2 smaller ones in this picture. One is about 1" diameter and the other 1 3/4". I use a small hammer to adjust the iron, with very gentle taps. Under no circumstances should you strike any part of my planes, or any other metal plane with a steel hammer. Many a fine plane has been spoilt by hitting it with a hammer, especially at the heel, the front and elsewhere.


Also a point worth mentioning never tap a wooden wedge side to side as this can also break the walls of a wooden plane.

Adjusting the wedge in and out with light blows with a hide mallet.

Adjusting the iron after sharpening, this time using a hammer with very light taps.


The iron should have movement left and right without hitting the inside walls of the plane. The wedge wants to be a snug fit, no movement side to side.


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