A very heavy all bronze mitre plane with exposed cupid bow dovetails and cupid bow dcoration around the top of the body, it weighs 1lb 5 oz / 619 g. Beautiful yellow boxwood infill with an Isaac Greaves laminated iron. Very heavy for it's size. The whole plane is made out of 3/16" bronze very difficult to make. 4 5/8" x 1 3/8".

I have just finished this 4 3/8" x 1 3/8" all bronze D/T mitre plane with rosewood infill.

The sole of my next plane, the dovetails have been cut out and placed together.

This shows the holes that I drilled out to make it easier to bend the bronze.

Nice tight mouth.

The piece of lignum that I am going to use for the infill.


I bought some rosewood and it turned out to be the hardest wood I have ever worked. I have found out it is called, Dalbergia Cochinensis.

I am making a skew mitre plane made out of bronze and steel.

I decided to put exposed cupid's bows on the side and sole.

The wedge isn't quite right so I will make another one.

The new wedge is made out of the same piece of rosewood but is proved to be a lot lighter, I will have to make another one.

This wedge is perfect and I am very happy.


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