making Tiny  smoothers in different woods

I am making over 20 tiny smoothers made out of different woods. I have never made these planes out of pear, plum or laburnum before.


I am preparing the wood to cut it into blocks.

All the blocks ready for marking out.

These are the 4 metal mitre planes I used to prepare the different woods.

I have decided the pear wood is not sutable for small planes and will concentrate on making the plum and laburnum smoothers.

This is my first tiny smoother made in plum, a very pretty wood. I don't have any old Marple or Stanley irons at present so I have held the wedge in with a slither of wood.

1 tiny boxwood and 1 tiny rosewood smoother sitting on a yew log in the background  my 3 Skeltom saws.

2 tiny smoothers sitting on my boxwood handled Skelton rip saw.

This tiny smoother has just come in from the workshop ready to be soaked in raw linseed.


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