skelton Saws

My new Skelton saw the proto type of his latest saw the Swift, the handle is boxwood with exaggerated horns that fit the handle like a glove.

This is my beautiful Gentleman Jaq saw, it has a pistol grip. The handle is purpleheart and ebony, a really lovely to use.

My new 26" Skelton rip saw arrived early this morning, I can't wait to open it.

The saw was sent in a wooden box I can't wait to open it.

Can't wait to get the screws out to see what is inside.

More protection.

Nearly there, I asked Shane not to treat the boxwood as I am going to linseed it, very pale in colour, I will soon alter that.

Wow it is perfect.

Another parcel arrived just before dinner.

My second London Long Stroke on the top, this one has rip teeth.

Just look at the wonderful craftsmanship on that boxwood handle and the wonderful grain in the wood.

Hot out of the linseed, look how the colour has changed.

That's more like it.

This piece of boxwood is stunning, just look at the detail on the tongue at the bottom of the handle.

The whole of my life when sawing large sections of timber, I would stop sawing, turn the saw upside down and clear the sawdust out of the cut with the blunt end of the saw because my saw didn't have the nib. With nib it should do it better, that's what I will use it for.

Notice the handles are a similar colour now, the middle saw I have had for about 9 months, the bottom saw looks slightly darker, probably due to taking in more linseed quickly, or it might be just the grain. As time goes by when the sun gets at them, they will go an amazing colour.


The beauty and the craftsmanship of Shane's work is staggering, in Bill's life time he has never seen anything better made.

The 3 saws having a sun bath.


This is my magnificent Skelton London Long Stroke, with the first boxwood handle he has fitted and probably the first ever saw fitted with this timber.


I have ordered 2 more Skelton saws.


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