september 2018

I bought this Towell mitre out of a tool sale, I am going to give the body a light clean and replace the infill with boxwood. The iron needs replacing as it has been worn down.

I have taken the old infill out and found these 2 really old screws holding the infill in.

You can just see the setting out lines on the base.

The new infill ready to be glued in.


I picked this Badger London chariot plane from David Stanley's sale, all it need is a light clean and a little restoring on the wedge.

A beautiful shaped wedge.


I have just made this D/T bronze & boxwood small mitre plane, 4 1/2" long x 1 3/8" wide. It has a few exposed cupid bows in the body, also  a cupid bow bridge.


I was given a piece of old boxwood from a broken plane, I usually don't make planes out of old boxwood as it can be very dry but this piece turned out to be perfect.

I decided to make a 3" smoother and there was enough to make 2 tiny smoothers as well. Very pleased with the results.

I coloured the larger one.


After making the last 3" plane I decided to make a rosewood one and another boxwood plane.

The rosewood is really dark, could almost be box oak or ebony.


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