Carter wooden planes for sale.

                 A prices onclude the post.

Tiny Lignum vitae smoothers made to order. £170

A tiny boxwood smoother made to order. £170

Bog oak tiny smoothers made to order.  £170

A supurb boxwood tailed compass rebate plane with 14 scrolls, I have been told it is a museum piece , not my words.  I made this copy from the original and my close friend Tim added the scrolls. The colour is absolutely beautiful, it appears to have been around for a hundred years or more, a stunning patina. £2,050.

A very large boxwood mitre plane, 12" x 3 3/8" x2 5/8" (DADDY) By far the best wooden plane I have ever made. A complete one off, never to be repeated, 11" long  I. Sorby laminated Sheffield iron. Cupid's Bow on the wedge and in front of the mouth closer, this unique feature is my own design. £4,050


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