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11 paring chisels and gouges with boxwood handles.

7 by James Howeth.

1 by Ward.

2 by Marples.

1 by Ibbotson.  £220 = post

A beautiful Sorby 1 1/2" bevel edge paring chisel, octagonal boxwood handle, supurb.  £80 + post

An early bronze low angle thumb plane, brass lever cap and screw, Ward iron.  £350 + post

A Stanley No 51/2, rosewood handles Sweetheart period.  £50 + post

2 rare planes by Bayfield a smoother and a chariot plane both in very good condition, sold as a pair.  £400+ post

A remarkable early 14" long beech mitre plane with James Cam iron. It has a name on the front but unreadable. It is right at the beginning of this type of planemaking with the first, soon to be replaced beech mouth closer, less than a handfull of beech mouth closers known, remarkable condition.  £350 + post

This giant of a mitre plane measures 11 7/8" x 2 7/8" with an early Ward iron, I think it to be a very early dovetailed plane, bronze body, steel sole and a very nice cupid front cast into the bronze. When I found it it had it's original rosewood front infill and it's original mahogany wedge, I know they were original because there is at least one other identical plane found. The front infill was in good condition, but I had to renew the wedge as the original wedge was beyond repair. There is no screw in the rear of the plane, so the bed has never been fixed preminently, this is another early feature. The front infill has a pin going through the body to hold it in place, it has a beautiful cupid bow brass bridge. The overall condition is excellent with it's original fine mouth. £4,000

My favourate plane of all time, it is a monster, boxwood infill as original by me, a second spare wedge makes it more conventional but not original in appearance, read the full story about this plane on the "About Bill" page. Fine condition, I could write a book about this plane. £5,000

A unique rosewood carved carvers mallet, circa 1710, I have never seen anything like it, it must be very rare. £400


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