Old Tools For Sale

A Norris 50G smoother gunmetal body, steel sole and rosewood infill. Very good condition £1,000 + post.

A Norris A1 22 1/2" dovetailed jointer, in almost as new condition, perfect.  £4,000 + post.

An unuasual early gun metal chariot plane 3 1/2" x 1 5/8" with upturned front gtip and shapely  boxwood wedge held in with a decorative Cupid's Bow bridge. Fitted with a Gardner Bristol thick parallel iron.

Comes with original mahogany wedge. £400 + post

A Spiers of Ayr smoother with rosewood infill, brought back to life. £400 + post

My favourate plane of all time, it is a monster, boxwood infill as original by me, a second spare wedge makes it more conventional but not original in appearance, read the full story about this plane on the "About Bill" page. Fine condition, I could write a book about this plane.



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